abtWhen I was a kid, my parents took me to see Time Bandits, a Terri Gilliam film – one of three in his “Trilogy of Imagination” or “Dreamer Trilogy” series. In the film the young protagonist, Kevin, is taken on an adventure at night by time-travelling dwarves through a time-hole in his wardrobe as he is trying to go to sleep. He encounters historical characters and times past such as Robin Hood, and the Titanic. When the adventure is over and he is back in his bedroom, the only proof he has that this was not just an elaborate dream are the polaroid pictures that were taken on this extraordinary journey. Or was it a dream? The audience is left wondering. For me that was a revelation. The idea that he had tangible proof of what happened in a dream was incredible.

So, photography for me is tangible proof of our existance. Like Kevin, we have physical evidence of occasions that define our lives. When our memories fade, photographs show us what we have forgotten; they remind us of family and friends, pets, places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had. Every photo is unique and not replicable, the moment is passed and if we are lucky, we have it in our hands, in an album or in a photo frame. 

Photography is about capturing moments.

My hometown is Melbourne, Australia. I moved to the UK 18 years ago and I live in North West London. My portfolio is varied as I enjoy capturing all types of images. I am available for portraits, children’s photography, events, music, theatre, and behind the scenes photography.

For any enquiries, please contact me at clare@hannanimages.com

+44 (0) 7748362515