Roundhouse Nostalgia Tour

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Last Friday, Hannan Images went along to the Roundhouse in Camden to document a good friend, Michel Julian take a nostalgic tour around the historic venue with our tour guide, Tor  Evans, the Media Relations Manager. The Roundhouse is celebrating 50 years and Michel worked as a Production Manager there at around the same time. It was a great morning full of nostalgia and lots of great memories culminating in a gift from Michel of the original artwork for a poster that the Roundhouse had up on a wall.0q9a7361-2016-09-02-at-10-02-52 0q9a7364-2016-09-02-at-10-03-38 0q9a7394-2016-09-02-at-10-21-25 0q9a7421-2016-09-02-at-10-26-04 0q9a7426-2016-09-02-at-10-27-07 0q9a7459-2016-09-02-at-10-36-07 0q9a7494-2016-09-02-at-10-42-19 0q9a7516-2016-09-02-at-10-46-51 0q9a7523-2016-09-02-at-10-48-13 0q9a7533-2016-09-02-at-10-49-58 0q9a7545-2016-09-02-at-10-52-17 0q9a7565-2016-09-02-at-10-59-11 0q9a7607-2016-09-02-at-11-12-56 0q9a7638-2016-09-02-at-11-16-19 0q9a7666-2016-09-02-at-11-54-30

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